The unholy way of using virtual environments

Posted on 📅 November 24, 2020

I try to explain different ways a python project can be setup in 2020 using virtual environments without relying much on external utilities. Remember the goal is not to discuss about the good or bad practices of using envs but rather to show that there are other ways of doing things which can subtly improve your workflow and productivity as a python developer.

Story behind my first ever pull request

Posted on 📅 October 11, 2020

It’s the month of opensource so I thought why not share how I made my first pull request in Dec 2017 (& try to remember) what went down for my first ever contribution on github.

College is finally over

Posted on 📅 October 1, 2020

So a small life update ? I mean this could have been a twitter thread as well but you know I have started liking expressing my views like this moreover I wanted to remember this date ;)

The world is not fair

Posted on 📅 September 16, 2020

At the time of writing this post, my brain might not be in the stable state (I am constantly questioning stuff) and No I am not depressed, neither I am procastinating. This post might feel like a rant, because partly in a way it is but ranting is (I think) good for your brain because.