Hire Me


If you want to work with me on any paid contract/freelance gigs, I usually work in 2 different but connected domains.

Domain A: As a Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer

I work with following stuff:

  • Go (Microservices, GraphQL, gRPC, REST, CLIs)
  • Python (Django, Flask, APIs, CLIs)
  • Bash/Shell Scripting, the Unix ecosystem

Domain B: As a Technical Writer

If you have a developer-facing product I can help you figure out your documentation, blogs, marketing tactics etc.

Things I usually write about (open-ended)

  • Developer Productivity
  • DevOps/DevTooling
  • CLIs
  • Open-Source
  • Side-projects

Work for extenal publications ✍️

List of some of the work I have written for various publications:

You can find more of my writing on my newsletter and digital garden 🍀

If any of this makes sense, feel free to reach me via email varshneybhupesh[at]gmail[dot]com or schedule a 30 min e-meet to discuss more about how I work.