👷 Projects

Some of my significant projects & tools include


  • tutorialdb- tutorialdb is a small scale search engine for programming/dev tutorials, it is meant to help anyone who is getting started to learn a new technology.
  • defe - A Tech feed Aggregator for Developers & Tech Enthusiasts.
  • memer-action - A GitHub Action for Programmer Memes xD.
  • surf - A standalone script to surf web (Powered by searx).
  • bkp - Script to backup files as a GitHub Gist with 0 dependency.
  • git-feed - Generate a RSS Feed of recent files inside a Git repository.
  • contributors - Find total contributors on all repositories of a github user.
  • myosc - A github action to list your opensource contributions in a README.
  • PlagCheck - Moss Results wrapper with powerful insights & analysis 💡.


  • AreYouOk - A fast and easy to use URL health checker ⛑️ Keep your links healthy during tough times.
  • Zoe - A barebones transactional in-memory key: value store with an interactive prompt [For educational purposes].


  • ugit - ugit helps you undo your last git command without any hassle.
  • dotman - dotman is a simple, elegant & easy to use dotfiles manager 🖖🏽
  • git-prs - Find pull requests that modify a file path in the terminal.


  • 30 Seconds of C++ - A collection of STL (Standard Template Library) features of C++ which can be learned in 30 seconds or less.