๐Ÿ‘ท Projects

Some of my significant projects, tools & scripts

Legends never die

Projects that I comeback to from time to time, unless of-course I donโ€™t have to.

  • ugit - ugit helps you undo git commands.
  • shedock - An experimental tool to dockerize shell scripts.
  • heavenorhell.xyz - A fun poll based social experiment app for people to book tickets to heaven or hell.

Burdened with glorious purpose

These projects served their purpose, some of them still work.

  1. zoe
    • A barebones transactional in-memory key: value store with an interactive prompt.
    • This was built as part of writing a tutorial on solving a interview question.
  2. git-feed (script)
    • Generate a RSS Feed of recent files inside a Git repository.
    • This has a very niche use-case, but it will still work. I use a JSON feed for my digital garden.
  3. git-prs (script)
    • Find pull requests that modify a file path in the terminal.
    • Yeah, I donโ€™t know if its useful to anyone.
  4. surf (script)
    • A standalone script to surf web (Powered by searx).
    • I no longer browse internet using terminal. Might come back to it again in future.
  5. memer-action
    • A GitHub Action for Programmer Memes xD.
    • I still use it, check my github profile for some memes.
  6. AreYouOk
    • A fast and easy to use URL health checker โ›‘๏ธ Keep your links healthy during tough times.
    • It works, thereโ€™s not much maintenance required.
  7. bkp (script)
    • Script to backup files as a GitHub Gist with 0 dependencies.
    • Nothing much to it, but it works.
  8. defe
    • A tech feed aggregator for Developers & Tech Enthusiasts.
    • One of my major web-based projects, it was fun to work on. This still works but I havenโ€™t managed to give any time to host it somewhere.
  9. dotman
    • dotman is a simple, elegant & easy to use dotfiles manager ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿฝ
    • I no longer actively maintain my dotfiles, hence my inactivity.

So long, partner

Projects that I no longer maintain but might be useful to someone.

  1. 30 Seconds of C++
    • A knowledge base of learning C++ via 30 second snippets.
    • Still one of my most starred repositories, unfortunately I donโ€™t work with C++ professionally anymore.
  2. PlagCheck
    • Moss Results wrapper with powerful insights & analysis ๐Ÿ’ก.
    • The goal of this project was to identify who copied code from whom in a class.
    • It was built as part of a larger system for my college major project which was about handling coding assignments via a web platform (think hackerrank but for college coding assignments).
    • Unfortunately, I am no longer in college, hence no motivation to maintain it.
  3. tutorialdb
    • tutorialdb is a small scale search engine for programming/dev tutorials, it is meant to help anyone who is getting started to learn a new technology.
    • Again one of my major web-based projects, it was more of a moderated collection of dev resources, with a automatic tagging system.
  4. myosc
    • A github action to list your opensource contributions in a README.
  5. contributors (script)
    • Find total contributors on all repositories of a github user.