If I could change one thing about tech interviews

Posted on 📅 July 1, 2022

So I have been interviewing for a while for my next role in tech. I have given all type of interviews by now. Take home assignments, DSA, solution write-ups you name it. I am fine with all kinds of interviews, honestly at this moment I don’t even care about what style of interviews are good or bad.

Writing like a pro with vale & neovim

Posted on 📅 May 26, 2022

Vale is a syntax-aware prose linter built for all you writers out there. With more than 100 releases so far vale is 5 year old project and is used by writing folks in companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, RedHat to name a few. I have recently started to use vale in my everyday writing workflow and it has a significant impact on what words I choose to convey ideas. I mostly use neovim for writing, so we will be covering how to setup vale and use it with neovim.

Undo your last git mistake with ugit

Posted on 📅 April 30, 2021

So I have been working on this little tool called ugit (and was finally able to release a stable version), the goal is to make it easier for beginner to intermediate git users to undo their last (accidental) git command. Because we are not perfect and commit mistakes.