What I am doing now

Updated May 13, 2024.

Trying to level up

  • At the moment I have around 2+ YoE as a software professional, the transition from this mid-level position to a senior is a bit hard, but I’m trying to get there.
  • 2 key things I am trying to figure out:
    • Working with large scale systems, i.e. products/projects with a large user base. Not sure if that even matters in the grand scheme of things.
    • How to lead larger projects. As in taking more responsibilites & ownership.
  • Programming stack wise, I have worked majorly with Go, with a touch of Dart (Flutter) & Python for few months or short term work projects. I guess I will stick with Go for a while but the next item on my list is definitely Elixir.

Working on personal projects

  • Recently started a new project called shedock, it’s an experimental tool to dockerize shell scripts. Doing this exercise to learn more about the container and shell ecosystems.
  • Launced a stupid & fun little project called heavenorhell.xyz, a poll based social experiment app to capture everyone’s sentiment on where they wanna go, heaven or hell.

Trying to lead efforts as a lead volunteer

  • I have been with r/developersIndia since its inception in 2020 as a volunteer. So struggling with the responsibilities and trying to make the community experience better. It’s a self-appointed role. Some of the major stuff I take care of:
    • Organizing AMAs & Weekly Discussions.
    • Helping the forum moderation team.
    • Taking care of the job board, wiki & other open-source projects.
    • Adding folks who want to help in the volunteer team.