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I am Bhupesh Varshney, a Software Craftsman & an occasional bug creator living in New Delhi, India. I like to build & create stuff using Go, Python, Flutter & Bash. Professionally I have around 2 years of experience in Product-Based Startups. I happen to be Community Manager for r/developersIndia, a community of more than 300K software & tech folks across India.

I make Web, Tools and Open-Source & frequently write about tech & my journey here. You can find more of my content on dev.to and freeCodeCamp.

I use twitter mostly to rant about tech, share & learn what others are doing.

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Yep, That's me ;)

📅️ Timeline

Some important highlights in my personal journey as a developer/engineer/programmer so far:

Date Highlight
Nov 2022 Started Working as a Software Engineer (fulltime) at Nurdsoft.co
Sep 2022 Started Working as a Backend Engineer (Contract) at nucash.money
July 2022 Started Working as a Freelance Tech Writer for ContentTurbine
July 2022 Started Volunteering at PyDelhi
May 2022 Completed my 3rd freelance tech writing gig
April 2022 Gave my first ever conference talk at GitHub Constellation India 2022
July 2021 Started working as a Product Engineer at creatorstack.com (backstage.army)
Jun 2021 Started working as a Backend Developer at mindship.io
May 2021 Completed my first ever freelance tech writing gig
Mar 2021 This blog finally hit 10,000 page views :)
Oct 2020 Graduated with a BCA from GGSIPU
July 2020 Volunteered at PyCon India 2020
Feb 2020 Mentored Developers to contribute to open-source via GirlScript Summer of Code 2020
Jun 2019 Completed my Internship at DyfoLabs
Jan 2019 Started working as a Backend Developer Intern at DyfoLabs Pvt Ltd

You can also view my work timeline at work.bhupesh.me


I log whatever new I learn, Go to til.bhupesh.me to see some of it. I also have a newsletter 🚀 where I share interesting stuff and tips around tech.


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