Wanna Interview Bhupesh?

I help you interview me better. Here’s a list of questions with answers saving you the time to know me better or analyse my work.

What do you consider as your greatest achievement so far?

What makes you who are you today?

Tell us about a really difficult technical problem you solved. What was it and what did you build?

What’s the best thing you’ve made without anybody asking?

ugit, well not exactly people indeed asked for it. Till date its probably the most popular project I have made.

What’s the first thing you built? When and why did you build it?

I think the first every actual software I made was tutorialdb in 2017. Back then I described it as a search engine for programming tutorials. The main motivation behind this to stop asking questions like “Can you share resources to learn ABC”. Now that I look back at it, it wasn’t a full-fledged search engine but more of a glorified link aggregator.

However it did have indexing like capabilities, given a webpage URL it could detect whether it was a tutorial or not. It was built using Python and SQLite.

What great software is nobody building?