Things I consider as wins or achievements in my life.


  1. Completed my 1 year work-anniversary at Nurdsoft.
  2. First time stay at a 4.5-star hotel.
  3. First time visit to Hyderabad & Pune.
  4. Attended 3 different conferences:
    1. PyDelhiConf 2023
    2. Pycon India 2023, &
    3. GopherConIndia 2023.
  5. Tried Go-Karting for the first time.
  6. Bought my first ever HotWheels (childhood dream came true).
  7. Started AMAs over at r/developersIndia. Organized 2 successful AMAs.


  1. ugit, a tool that I made to undo git commands crossed 1k stars.
  2. r/developersIndia, a community that I have been helping out since its inception in 2020, crossed 50k members.
  3. Gave my first ever conference talk at GitHub Constellation India 2022.


  1. Started working as a Product Engineer at My first full-time job.
  2. Completed my first ever freelance tech writing gig.
  3. GitHubโ€™s official Twitter account featured one of my TIL guides.
  4. My Blog hit 10,000 page views.