30 Seconds of C++

Posted on 📅 May 5, 2019

So if you are looking forward to learn C++ in 2019, I present to you the 30 Seconds of C++.

A collection of STL (Standard Template Library) features of C++ which can be learned in 30 seconds or less.

A Simple Scheduler in Python

Posted on 📅 April 3, 2019

We all encounter things in life which we want to automate, Setting up reminders and schedules are one of them
Python makes it easy for all the developers out there to make small python scripts that can schedule some boring stuff for you.

Here comes this #awesome library called schedule
(quite a name it got there :wink:)

Let’s start around by playing with this


First things first let us install the python package first

pip install schedule  


schedule is an in-process scheduler for periodic jobs that uses the builder pattern for configuration. Schedule lets you run Python functions (or any other callable) periodically at predetermined intervals using a simple, human-friendly syntax.

Python job scheduling for humans.

Let’s not worry about what in-process scheduling is for now
Let’s write some code

import schedule  
def job():  
    print("A Simple Python Scheduler.")  
# run the function job() every 2 seconds  
while True: