How to make Vim faster ⚡️

📅️ Published: February 2, 2021  • 🕣 1 min read

How to make Vim faster ⚡️

Apart from not loading shit ton of plugins, there are some other tricks that can be used to make Vim more faster:

  1. set noswapfile

    If you are a single user on your system, you probably don’t need swap files.

  2. set lazyredraw

    When this option is set, the screen will not be redrawn while executing macros, registers and other commands that have not been typed.

  3. set shada=NONE (NeoVim) or set viminfo=NONE (Vanilla Vim)

    The shada or viminfo file is used to store a lot of things like command line history, marks, input-line history, search history. Disabling this for real dev work won’t be a wise choice but it can be a life-saver if you are using Vim over SSH. Most of the features wont be required in that case.

Below is the startup time with & without these settings enabled.

You can generate the startup log using vim --startuptime startup.log


This is a progressive document, I will add more things here as I learn & discover. If you have any suggestion, please comment them below.