defe - All your tech updates at one place

📅️ Published: April 4, 2020  • 🕣 3 min read

defe - All your tech updates at one place


I created defe (devfeed), a WebApp & CLI for aggregating popular “Tech” feeds for developers & Tech Enthusiasts

Why did I built this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well I like reading tech, this involves subscribing to newsletters & listening to various podcasts. But the only problem with this is that all of this is distributed causing me to waste my time by installing various apps (which I open only once per day) & subscribing to a number of newsletters.

How Am I suppose to read these quickly :sweat_smile:

Well of course you have feedly but hey its not free right ? That’s why I thought of creating a FOSS alternative which is

  • Simple Enough to use (Minimal UI)
  • Is available for multiple clients (PWA & CLI for terminal lovers)
  • Can show me information while I’m travelling

Features ✨

  • PWA PWA Stats
  • Read & Share Stories
  • Dark Mode *
  • Minimal UI
  • CLI
  • Filter Feed

Is that it ? No defe is a package, so you can make Bots 🤖 using it.

from defe import defe
import pprint

f = defe.feed()


This will print all the News from available News Feeders. You can read the documentation on how to use the package.

How its built 🤔

The architecture is fairly simple

An Overview of how defe works

Multiple feeders are fetched at the same time using ThreadPoolExecutor() & are kept in a cache.

Feeders are web-sources which have a public feed (RSS/Atom) link You can have a look at all the feeders here.

Let’s say you request /news or run defe news (on CLI) all the available feeders under News category would be fetched simultaneously and are pushed in a disk based cache, subsequent requests will come from this cache. For now the cache expiry time-limit is set to 1 hr by default (future releases might have a option to clear cache manually)

I used the following stack to build defe

  • Python
  • JavaScript

Few pre-built libraries/components which helped me build defe

  • MaterialzeCSS For the front-end of WebApp
  • feedparser For parsing RSS/Atom feeds of web sources.
  • diskcache Used for temporarily storing feeds for faster access.

How it looks :fire:

Here is a demo for the defe CLI

And the WebApp Looks like

Contribute 🤗

Bhupesh-V/defe - GitHub

I still have a lot of ideas to improve defe, but not all of it I can do alone, I require your help :heart: Feel free to contribute at

You can also request feeders by commenting your favourite sites below or add them yourself

Future Visions 👐

Some of the things I wish to implement in future

  • Push Notifications
  • Bookmark Stories
  • Play Podcasts right in terminal (for defe CLI)
  • Custom Feeds

You can have a look at projects board for more upcoming features in defe.

Feedback 💭

Did you like defe ? or maybe its something you want to say, comment below You can reach me directly at Telegram | Twitter | E-mail